Demand health care for health needs.

Jails & prisons have become the largest mental health facilities in the U.S.

Why Care Not Cuffs?

In the absence of adequate access to health services, people with mental health needs often intersect with law enforcement and jails, where they may cycle in and out of detention, homelessness, and joblessness. Calling 9-1-1 for a mental health emergency often results in a law enforcement response, and a significantly heightened risk of injuries and fatalities. A mental health crisis is a medical emergency that deserves the same level of response as a heart attack or stroke.

Mental Health Colorado launched the Care Not Cuffs campaign to increase public demand for a health-based response to health care needs, and to contribute to community momentum toward putting the supports and services in place that yield healthier populations and prevent crises.

With the right supports and services across the lifespan, we can yield healthier populations and prevent crises.

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